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Tigers on a roll! Lookin' good. I thought Dabo (don't believe I know anyone with that name) was going to lose it.

uggs for cheap

hiya you guys, I was just checkin' out this blog and I really like the basis of the article, and have nothing to do, so if anyone would like to to have an compelling conversation about it, please contact me on twitter, my name is bruce robechaud


I haven't made it yet because Hotties aren't available in this neck of the woods. Can your brother please work on that? I wouldn't mind some mayo on that panko fried fil-a + lettuce and tomato (in season). These are suggestions garnered from this household consisting of two humans, one French bull dog and one Maine coon.


Hotties found today. Taking the Rick-A-Fil sandwich challenge tonight.


Duh, Duke's Mayo Marco. Read the receipt.

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