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Awesome, Cod, just awesome.

Best expression of distaste for Michael Adams (relevant to this post) appeared in the Athens Banner-Herald's comments section this summer where a wise farmer said "Give the man a break--it takes a lot to feed a hog."

It appeared after an article about Adams' $50K annual salary raise (funded by the state BOR and the UGA Athletic Association) which Adams, of course, accepted with compassion and sensitivity after a spate of UGA layoffs, a dry spell of several years without merit raises or COL increases for UGA faculty and staff, and a decision to eliminate benefits for part-time employees.

Of course, there's that Vince Dooley business, too.

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Good stuff, I like this:The Smithfield cobranding is a major problem for folks who care about eating responsibly, but there is a lot to like in the Whole Hog Cookbook.

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