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Given how long Kummer has been writing for Boston magazine, I'm not surprised he lacks the advertorial allergies that would ordinarily be a food scribe's stock in trade.

Kevin Penner

It gives me pause.


Saucer of milk for dinner, Cinetrix?

Also, that the Atlantic is now pulling talent from Boston Magazine, instead of, say, the Transcendental movement, might explain the endumbening of the mag.

Mr. Sidetable

Sort of the other way around, I think, as he started writing for the Atlantic long before he began reviewing for Boston Mag. Still, as you point out, the shared sensibility says a lot about the decline of the Atlantic. But now that they've moved to Washington, maybe there will be less sharing of writers.

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Awesome, Cod, just awesome.

Best expression of distaste for Michael Adams (relevant to this post) appeared in the Athens Banner-Herald's comments section this summer where a wise farmer said "Give the man a break--it takes a lot to feed a hog."

It appeared after an article about Adams' $50K annual salary raise (funded by the state BOR and the UGA Athletic Association) which Adams, of course, accepted with compassion and sensitivity after a spate of UGA layoffs, a dry spell of several years without merit raises or COL increases for UGA faculty and staff, and a decision to eliminate benefits for part-time employees. 8812abc09 1216


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