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Frolic (aka Todd Price)

Did you see this interview?

"Why do some recipes call for Smithfield pork specifically while others don't?

The folks at Smithfield have been very supportive of my work and I've used their products when developing recipes for them in the past. This was my way of saying thank you for their support AND more importantly showing that using a cut of pork found in most grocery stores makes a great dish when the recipe is good!"


Kind of a different spin, isn't it?

I'm not wholly unsympathetic to Ms. Summers' position (assuming I understand it). We live in an imperfect world. Better choices aren't always available (or affordable). God knows I don't always buy humanely raised meat and poultry, even though I know better. You muddle through as best as you can and advocate for a better system whenever you can.

But what Ms. Summers has done is whitewash (greenwash? local wash?) the unfortunate practices of Smithfield. That's actively making the situation worse.

I can't tell, though, if she hasn't any clue what she's up to. She seems oblivious to any ethical concerns about meat production.

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