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If disliking Deen is sexist, I must be a racist for not liking brown cola.


Put me in the 'I'm no fan of Paula Deen for her over-the-top phoniness and 'food' is equivalent to fast food garbage' camp.

On the flip side I detest the program, 'Top Chef's host, Padma Lakshmi.

Sure she's thin and I'll wager attractive to some viewers. Minus her zombie-like facial expressions obviously due to botox. As well as her dull, monotone voice while adding nothing significant to the show whatsoever.

Having lived in Southern Mississippi for a few years in the 90's I experienced real southern cooking.

Ms. Deen's southern style interpretation is SOS-type cooking.

'..modern and convenience foods..' - 'modern'? Gimme a break.

What's modern about Ms. Deen's ahem, 'cooking' is her using pots and pans (in which she pimps and shills the AWFUL cook-wear every possible moment).

I don't respect her cooking and she gets no pity for her lifestyle choices which led to her present health.

Though there are many-a-moron who hang on her every word and craptastic ingredient. She wouldn't be in the limelight or have as much notice as she undeservingly does.


I think you nailed it on the cynicism of using diabetes as a marketing pivot. That's just kind of sick, "yawl"

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