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Frolic (aka Todd Price)

Personally, I think all religions are kooky. Mormonism just lacks the comforting patina of antiquity.

It's ironic, though, to be telling the Times to knock this whole dispelling of prejudices business, lest it undermine the reelection of the nation's first black president.

Frolic (aka Todd Price)

"knock off"

My kingdom for a blog comment editing feature.


Thank you. That Bruni book is really awful.


@Mormon.org, the first photo I saw was of a man and a woman. The text reads "Stanley never sleeps...". What does one think of next? Not heritage pork or the materiality of print.


Using Todd's in-browser comment editor, @Mormon.org: "Stan hardly sleeps. He's thinking about his next great invention...high-thrill amusement rides."

Todd Price

Marco: Oh my god (or whatever the Mormons call their deity), thanks for bringing that Mormon.org link to my attention. Funniest thing I've seen all week.

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Wow!! I can’t believe it took me so long to find you! THANKYOU!

Amy Bowen

Oh my heck!

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