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"when the New York Time pauses to recognize the heroism and courage of people who temporarily find themselves living not in New York City..."

Surely you're also referring to David Brooks' December column, in which he saluted Rod Dreher for moving from Washington D.C. to his small home town in Louisiana:

"They considered the practicalities. They wondered if they were experiencing a passing emotion from a traumatic event. To their great astonishment, they decided to make the move."


"They decided to accept the limitations of small-town life in exchange for the privilege of being a part of a community."

These people deserve a medal, I tells ya.


Looking for mr. gruelbar in tex-mex and home cooking restaurants? What, was there no nearby county fair midway to troll? Kinda like OJ's killer quest. Nope, no damn suspects in that sandtrap either.


My favorite topic: How completely out of touch the NYT is. It's so bad it's hilarious.

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