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Chris Sherman



Those Nike NFL Jerseys Pro Combat NFL Uniform prototypes really had you going NFL Jerseys, didn't they?

You thought they were the real deal Cheap Jerseys, that Nike had accidentally let their designs slip for the Cheap NFL Jerseys2012 season, when they take over for Reebok as official apparel provider of the NFL Nike Jerseys.

Hopefully, Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseysthe thought of these jerseys being put on NFL players made you as nauseated as it did me. But you can relax.

They're fake, although many corners of the blogosphere still haven't caught on to it yet.

It was all created by some fan (who, apparently, can't come up with creative concepts for the vast majority of the NFL, and might be the worst uniform designer of all time) and posted as such on a forum. But some knucklehead took them to be legit and ran with them.

And now, here we are.

Let's take a look at what this knucklehead thought was the future of the NFL, shall we? Oh, and those of you with weak constitutions, please leave.

Just because a team uses black to outline their logo, or dot the eyes of their mascot, does not make it a part of that team's color scheme.

For Pete's sake, people! This one makes me want to vomit, although the wings on the shoulder aren't awful.

And that helmet? Yeesh.


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