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I have led a relatively sheltered life so I have never encountered that kind of milk before. Well, not in that form and package.

Mr. Sidetable

Organic, sure, but free-range?

2 shelf cart

I keep foods organized by storing like items together, for example canned fruit, canned vegetables, soups, boxes of cereal, etc. so that I’m able to see at a glance what I’m running low on. This way I don’t buy more of things I already have but can’t find.

Air Jordan 9

As long as mega-media corporations like Cox, Time Warner, Verizon et al control the conduit wiring, satellite servers, mobile broadband, I don't believe that we will see any major shift in who gets broadband, WiFi and all the emergent technologies anytime soon. It is still a war of who controls the flow of information and who has access to it. An unconnected enormous poor population is much less threatening than a connected one. But the hackers are the ones piggybacking and bringing down the DOJ's website. The hackers are the Robin Hoods of digital privilege.

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