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Well put, Fesser. I agree on the restaurant pass/fail rating. Will I get deathly ill from eating at this place or not?
As for explaining the exam numbers and paper letters being converted to # % semester = letter grade = GPA, I would give you an A+. That's practically higher math.

Jay Porter

In San Diego, the DEH uses the letter system as a modified pass/fail. More or less, it's A = pass, B = significant problem and they'll come retest soon after you have a chance to fix it; C = fix it immediately or get shut down. (I've never seen a C, but I'm pretty sure that's what it means.)

I think the system works really well here.


LA's is similar, but what I like is that I can look up every place and see why it's a B or a C or even a low rated A.


So I can look and see "HAIR RESTRAINTS / OUTER GARMENTS / NAILS / RING(S)" or "OTHER INSECTS (MINOR)" myself and decide if it's worth the risk or not.


NYPost: "The elite restaurant Per Se, given a B grade by a city health inspector, called an official at health department, which canceled two violations, bumping the grade to an A. Undue influence? Nope, says the department; anyone can question a violation. But one lawyer for restaurants says they normally have to take those questions to a city tribunal"

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