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And speaking of NOLA...


If that turns off Bitte Orca backers, so be it. Magellan is warmer and roomier; it invites you cheap soccer jerseys
to move in and stick around for a while. You could even call Magellan accessible, though only in the relative sense. The title track is an affecting two and a half minutes of lilting folk-pop, with a subtly tricky but never showy cheap soccer jerseys
beat from drummer Mike Johnson, who mostly hangs back here. (His tut-tut tapping perfectly complements the resplendent Carole King piano melody of "Impregnable cheap soccer jerseys
Question.") The album's sweetest track, "Dance for You," is a little soft-shoe routine that skitters in and out like a doodle left off of The gurgling "About to Die" isn't cheap jerseys for sale
far removed from the feel-good ganja punk-funk of Check Your Head, but look out for "Just From Chevron," which starts out as a pretty VU/Nico song before melting cheap jerseys free shippinginto a puddle of splattering King Sunny Adé guitar and assorted crazy rhythms.
Longstreth was once saddled with the burden of representing, in the words of a "something important, the antidote to the mainstream takeover of alternative culture." cheap jerseys online
For anyone who believes that there's still such a thing as a separate "alternative culture," Swing Lo Magellan might be seen as a capitulation. Dirty Projectors' cheap jerseys wholesale
contribution to the 2012 summer jam sweepstakes, the slow-building boho-gospel tune "Gun Has No Trigger," is nobody's idea of innovation.

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