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Would you rather subsidize paper publication or access to electronics/broadband?


Sweden has guaranteed access to broadband internet as a basic right, which, constitutionally, would be relatively sensible in America. A combination of freedom of the press and free market-ism, though of course the infrastructure is overwhelmingly difficult in this country, where most of the digitally unserved are discouragingly remote, and no modern equivalent to the rural electrification projects of the mid-nineteenth centuries.

While the decline of print media is unfortunate and heart-breaking (especially when it hits your home paper and the local metropolis's [Times-Picayune, I mourn you]), easy access to the sum of human knowledge would be such a benefit to so many people in so many ways that I would glad to pay out the ass in taxes for it.


As long as mega-media corporations like Cox, Time Warner, Verizon et al control the conduit wiring, satellite servers, mobile broadband, I don't believe that we will see any major shift in who gets broadband, WiFi and all the emergent technologies anytime soon. It is still a war of who controls the flow of information and who has access to it. An unconnected enormous poor population is much less threatening than a connected one. But the hackers are the ones piggybacking and bringing down the DOJ's website. The hackers are the Robin Hoods of digital privilege.

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While the decline of print media is unfortunate and heart-breaking (especially when it hits your home paper and the local metropolis's [Times-Picayune, I mourn you]),

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