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But! But! http://youtu.be/6xHXM2dLqYw


Murray also has the devastating unquantifiable advantage of looking like he's moving slowly at the same pace that makes Ferrer look like he's moving really, cheap soccer jerseys
really fast. This is crucial. Unless you're Lleyton Hewitt, you don't win Wimbledon with a game that looks like comedically sped-up video footage of tennis. You win when you're so gifted and in control that you can take the cheap soccer jerseys
freakish speed of the modern men's game in stride and still have the headroom to accelerate someplace truly alarming when you need to.
Anyway, Ferrer takes the first, cheap soccer jerseys
and opens the second racing around like a Roomba that's been struck by lightning. Groans and gasps from the crowd. Ferrer hits a dainty winner after an overhead baseline smash to hold at 4-4, and there's a real possibilitycheap jerseys for sale
that my little tennis-y response noise goes out live to several million viewers in Germany. Murray dumps a couple of shots into the net in the next game and nowcheap jerseys free shipping
suddenly he's cursing to himself and stalking privately along the baseline: Ferrer's got the break and a chance to serve for the set. A palpable sensation of pins and needles runs through the stadium. The moment is serious. cheap jerseys online
A two-set deficit will be hard for Murray to make up even when his computer recalibrates. A few days ago one of the hawks Wimbledon uses to keep pigeons away from Centre Court was mysteriously kidnapped. Wimbledon uses hawks to keep pigeons away from Centre Court. A Twitter account under cheap jerseys wholesale
the briefly kidnapped hawk's name has been tweeting support for Andy Murray.

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